ilƣ̃lxlvi is a work-in-progress webscraper thing that generates a graph of all of the webpages centered around this website.

how to configure ilƣ̃lxlvi

First, create a JSON file on your site as according to the specification below.
Second, in the main page of your site, in the <head> tag, add this tag:
<meta name="iloinlxlvi" content="[link to ilƣ̃lxlvi config JSON]">
ilƣ̃lxlvi will then read this tag when it is scraping your site, and act accordingly depending on the config.

ilƣ̃lxlvi config JSON specification

The config JSON has attributes which modify ilƣ̃lxlvi's behaviour. Here they are:

Here's what they do:


true (default), or false. Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi whether scraping the webpages of your website is permitted.


A list of webpage IDs (default, an empty list). Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi which webpages, if any, are exceptions to the above rule set by scrapeAllowed.


A list of website links (default, an empty list). Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi which additional websites, if any, should be linked outwards in the final connection graph.


true (default), or false. Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi whether this node should be even included in the final connection graph.


A link to an image (will attempt to use your site's favicon as default (if any)). Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi which image to display your node as in the final connection graph.


true, or false (default). Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi if this website is part of a webring or webline; used to properly traverse the connection graph.


A list of strings (default, an empty list). Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi what groups this website is part of. ilƣ̃lxlvi tries to cluster all websites that are in the same group together in the connection graph.

colorFill, colorStroke

Strings representing colors (default, #ffffff and #000000). Tells ilƣ̃lxlvi how to color the arrows coming from / going to the node, and how to render the node itself.

As an example, this website's config JSON can be found here.

ilƣ̃lxlvi output

Here is ilƣ̃lxlvi's output. It can be found at [to be added], if you want to download and/or embed it in your site. Drag and scroll to navigate, click nodes to go to the relevant website, hover over groups to highlight data about them.

[output to be added when ilƣ̃lxlvi is actually functional]